Nicole McLane

Nicole McLane is a Philadelphia native. She has been practicing meditation since 1999 and yoga since 2001. She completed her 250-hour vinyasa certification in 2005 and has been teaching ever since.

Internationally recognized, having lived, studied, and taught in Central and South America, she has certification credits in areas including Vinyasa Hatha Yoga, Thai Massage, Structural Anatomy, Energetic Anatomy, Prenatal Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, and Chronic Pain; however, it is her belief that she has learned the most about yoga through her travels and life experiences. Her teaching focus is on simplicity and fullness of attention, and shines light on the seemingly insignificant, the tiniest particles of life, to reveal the big picture of universal interconnection.

Pacific Yoga is Nicole’s home studio in Fishtown. In addition to her regular schedule of classes in Philadelphia, Nicole offers workshops, immersions, and international retreats aimed at helping students integrate their practice into life.