Private Yoga


New to Yoga

Start at the beginning. Learn the fundamentals of yoga practice, privately and at your own pace, before ever stepping foot into a public class.

Special Consideration

We’re all made of the same stuff, but all put together a little bit differently. Every path, at some point, has its bumps and detours. Navigate your specific challenges with personalized guidance.

Experienced Yogi

Private instruction with a qualified teacher, when paired with an established practice, can help deepen one’s experience and understanding, while fine tuning toward more specific intentions. One-on-one sessions can also safely support the development of a personal yoga practice, or one’s return to practice after injury, pregnancy, or other hiatus.

Group Sessions

Work toward a collective intention or celebrate an occasion with some friends through the practice of yoga. Group Sessions can be one time special events, or ongoing classes tailored to suit your needs.