About Us

About Us

Our Mission

Pacific Yoga’s approach to yoga: simple, steady, light and lively, all rooted in the local pura vida vibe of our Costa Rican birthplace. This recipe, in regular doses, helps ease the transition from the bustle of city life to feeling right at home in your Self.

Our Journey

Pacific Yoga’s practice of simplicity and presence come from our own barefoot adventures of self-discovery across the Pacific.

2006 – 2009

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Pacific Yoga was born on the South Pacific Coast, where our founder opened a small studio above the local TEFL school. Students from all over the world learning to teach English abroad, students learning Spanish through immersion in Latin culture, ex-pats, tourists and travelers, and even local Ticos united in Pacific Yoga’s tiny tropical nook to learn the practice of yoga, the culture of being present.

2009 – 2010

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pacific Yoga found a new home further south where Nicole continued teaching the fullness of simplicity from her home studio. Again, Pacific Yoga was a hub for travelers and locals alike, this time for those looking for a place to ground themselves amid the bustle of porteño life.

2010 – Present

Philadelphia, PA

In 2010, Nicole returned home to Philadelphia, where she’s happily re-rooted in her native soil. Pacific Yoga has its current address in Fishtown, where we continue to offer an urban oasis and groundedness that follows beyond the studio doors.

Our Founder

Nicole McLane began exploring meditation in 1999, tentatively at first, looking for relief from the anxiety brought on by her hectic urban life. She began reading books on Buddhism, and some poetry by Thich Nat Hanh. Yoga followed quite serendipitously just a few years later.

Nicole’s learning and journey through yoga has involved:

  • 250-Hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification
  • AYA Certification
  • intensives in Pranayama, Prenatal Yoga, and Yoga for Chronic Pain

Nicole has also trained with esteemed teachers such as Yoganand Michael Carroll, Marlysa Sullivan, Meghan Currie, Corina Benner and Jill Manning.

Through the journey of motherhood, Nicole has developed a passion for teaching yoga to families with children, and especially new mothers. Her teaching shines light on the seemingly insignificant, the tiniest particles of life, to reveal the big picture of universal interconnection.

Come for a breath of fresh air

To pass through the front doors is to enter an oasis of tranquil space fit for embarking on barefoot adventures of self-discovery, and yet comfortable enough to find yourself right at home.

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