All Levels


Vinyasa: ‘To place with intention.’ Asanas (postures) are carefully crafted into flowing sequences to induce a desired effect (to strengthen, to energize, to relax, etc). Each class is planned skillfully for time of day, week, and season, and adapted for whomever shows up. All levels welcome.



A slow-moving introduction to Vinyasa Yoga that teaches basic yoga poses, develops foundation and explores all the little details of practice. Appropriate for beginners. All levels welcome.



A gentle and nurturing class incorporating conscious breathing and careful movement intended specifically for mamas-to-be. Appropriate for women in all stages of pregnancy, including those trying to become pregnant or recently post-natal, and all levels.

Mama and Me*


This is a true ‘Community Yoga’ class! Mamas can venture out of the nest with their little ones and begin to reconnect with their bodies in the safe, supportive company of other brand new moms. Babies can nap or nuzzle close, or practice their Happy Baby Pose. Class is taught in Vinyasa Flow style with the intention to help reconnect with core, redevelop strength, and open all those tight, achy places common in those first months post-natal. Each class is appropriately tailored to whomever shows up, and offered with enough flexibility to allow for the needs of the little ones. Breastfeeding and diaper changes welcome. Appropriate for all levels and babies newborn to crawling.

*Must be coordinated as a group private of at least 5 moms.

Family Yoga


Introduce your little ones, ages 4-8, to yoga and the practice of mindfulness. Each playful class will explore yogic themes, like togetherness and balance, through storytelling and kid-friendly yoga poses. No yoga experience necessary!

Pre-registration required!

Restorative Yoga


Soothing and nourishing passive poses are held for 5-10 minutes each with an array of blankets and cushions to comfort and support the body. The goal is to get in touch with and learn to activate your body’s relaxation response. Restorative Yoga helps to relieve stress and anxiety, boost immune function, help people heal from illness and trauma, and gently stretch and open muscles and joints. Appropriate for all ages, conditions, and levels of practice.


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