Private Yoga

Private Yoga

Move at your own pace and ability, and according to your own schedule.

Private Yoga Sessions

No matter your level or circumstances, Pacific Yoga can accommodate your needs through private sessions. Private sessions help you to make your practice sustainable.

For Every Situation

One-on-one sessions can also safely support the development of a personal yoga practice, or one’s return to practice after injury, pregnancy, or other hiatus.

Available for Groups

Work toward a collective intention or celebrate an occasion with some friends through the practice of yoga. Group Sessions can be one time special events, or ongoing classes tailored to suit your needs.

New to Yoga

We meet you where you are.
If you're new, start at the beginning. Learn the fundamentals of yoga practice, privately and at your own pace, before ever stepping foot into a public class.

Special Consideration

Whether you are interested in restoring mobility after hiatus or injury, or simply working around a busy schedule, private sessions can help make yoga accessible.

Experienced Yogi

Private instruction with a qualified teacher, when paired with an established practice, can help deepen one’s experience and understanding, while fine tuning toward more specific intentions.

Interested in a Private Session?

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